Uwe Rodacker:

Ideas. Strategies. Results.


  • Graduate Engineer (Electrical) with MBA (General Management)
  • Project Manager (GPM/IPMA, Level C)
  • Characterized by innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Analytical skills with an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Confident in dealing with complex and innovative technologies
  • Creative thinker with sense for people and priorities
  • Team player with strong communication and presentation skills
  • Independent – Reliable – Confidential


  • Solid professional experience of 20 years on a permanent basis (Wabco/Mercedes-Benz, Siemens, Dräger Medical, Agfa) and as an external consultant
  • Divisions: marketing (up-/downstream), business development, sales, R&D
  • Industries: medical, automotive, imaging, new media, IT
  • International project and managerial experience


  • Endoscopy integration solutions (Olympus Sergical Technologies: product management)
  • Delivery assistance system (Hermes Einrichtungs Service: product/project management)
  • Project planning software (Stiebel Eltron: product/project management)
  • IT-supported business process optimisation (Data@Work: project management)
  • Music streaming portal (grommymusic: start-up support, business plan, partner/project management)
  • Telemedicine Start-up (Aipermon: set-up, application fields, solutions, positioning, KOL management)
  • Imaging processes in the medical and photographic industries (Siemens/Agfa: product management)
  • Digital imaging (Agfa: new solutions, business development)
  • Digital X-ray technology including image distribution and archiving (Siemens/Sterling: launch)
  • Ventilation equipment (Dräger Medical: product management, design of new marketing processes)
  • Electronic transmission control system (Mercedes-Benz/Wabco: system development)